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USAR Advanced Trainer

by Marcus
USAR Advanced Trainer

The USAR Advanced Trainer is an advanced training unit with realistic multi-hazard training environments, such as earthquake training. Designed to meet the demanding training requirements of a Type 1 Task Force Team, this unit includes removable and reconfigurable training platforms that exercise training scenarios for each of the four major disciplines.

The ability to reconfigure also includes the availability of additional platforms to be added to avoid repetitive evolutions, or to create variety of search and rescue conditions, including earthquake training.

The USAR Advanced Trainer offers realistic search environments, with advanced student tracking capabilities.

USAR Advanced Trainer Equipment:

53′ DOT compliant chassis
Tandem axle trailer
Anti-lock air brakes
Two speed landing jack
320 sq ft of interior training space
640 total sq ft of training space
Multiple training doors
Removable training platform
Vertical rescue hatch
Smoke distribution center
Temperature monitoring
Ventilation system
PLC automated control system
HMI operator touch panel
Student tracking system
Video monitoring
Audio sound system

USAR Training Capabilities:

Confined space entry

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