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ULTRA Power supplied by ZIEGLER

The newly developed, single-stage pump section specially designed for use in a portable pump achieves unprecedented efficiency.

More maintenance-friendly thanks to fewer maintenance parts, such as the new maintenance-free pump with mechanical seal and improved accessibility thanks to the extra-large fold-away hood

Carrying frame made of an extremely stable light metal frame with four new rotatable handles with rubberized cold protection

Longer runtime due to extra large 25 liter fuel tank and safer refueling due to relocation and redesign of the fuel filler neck

Greater carrying comfort thanks to 10 % weight reduction

Even more compact dimensions with only L × W × H 1,010 × 710 × 845 mm

Automatic engagement and disengagement of the pump by means of the proven centrifugal clutch, thus relieving the user and increase in service life

The heart of the Ultra Power is a TGB 1000 2-cylinder V-engine, proven thousands of times in the tough off-road sector of all-terrain vehicles. The power and weight ratio of the engine in combination with the new ZIEGLER pump creates a previously unattained performance class in the portable pumps sector. This results in more power with a simultaneous reduction in overall weight.

Wide range of options

Adapt the Ultra Power to your needs: an excess temperature valve ensures fully automatic delivery of water at approx. 60 °C during long operation periods without water delivery (closing pressure operation) – cool water can flow in afterwards. The Tourmat ensures automatic adjustment of pump pressure in the event of a change in water delivery. External refueling enables non-stop operation. Connection options such as FireCAN, MagCode, BEOS or a NATO emergency start socket make the Ultra Power universally connectable.

Ultra Power features

  • Most powerful portable pump according to DIN EN 14466 with > 2,000 l / min at 10 bar
  • Compact dimensions for optimum loading in a wide range of vehicle types (also in the lower compartment)
  • Equipped with the latest technology thanks to the optional Z-Connect telematics solution and therefore “ready for the future”
  • Unique status illumination (optical large-area, colored display) e.g. for fuel reserve for example by the new ambient lighting
  • Status evaluation is also possible from a distance
  • Intuitive operation via Z-Control


The serially integrated ZIEGLER dry reciprocating priming pump simplifies pump operation by a fully automatic priming process and the operator can completely focus on the water delivery.

Integrated Z-Control operating logic

The operating elements are ergonomic and glove-compatible. Each function has its own button that provides visual feedback when activated. The operator is supported by a user-guided operating sequence. The assisting system only displays functions which can be activated.

Smart status lighting

For the first time, the complete 360° environment of a portable pump is illuminated over a large area. This increases safety at night, during transport and in operation. By changing the light color, warning or control messages are reproduced, alerting the operator even from a distance to conditions that might require intervention.

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    ULTRA Power supplied by ZIEGLER

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