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ULTRA Power 4

by Marcus
ULTRA Power 4

ULTRA Power 4 supplied by ZIEGLER

PFPN 10-1000/10-1500 ULTRA Power 4

The Ziegler ULTRA Power 4 is a portable pump with VW 3 cylinder 4-stroke aluminum engine with electronic fuel injection, designed as a PFPN 10-1000 or 10-1500, tested in accordance with DIN EN 14466 and ÖNORM EN 14466.

Through the automatic engagement of UP 4 from the centrifugal clutch, as well as an automatic speed limit during the intake process and the latest engine technology (VW engine), the UP 4 works environmentally friendly, low vibration and smooth.

The built-in VW engine, as well as the ZIEGLER-service team ensure a worldwide and nationwide service network.

The ergonomic and operator-friendly control panel facilitates the handling of the machinists enormously. All operating and control instruments are clear and easy to use in a tableau. Large differences in height and long distances without additional pumps can be bridged by the high performance of UP to 4.

Tourmat D

The ZIEGLER Tourmat D automatically regulates the pump pressure. The Machinist is relieved and the pressure is kept constant in modified water delivery.

Compact external dimensions

  • L x W x H: 1.039 x 720 x 846 mm
  • Weight: approx. 188 kg (ready to use)

Job spotlight

  • extendible, all directions swivelling and tilting

Trokomat plus

The Trokomat plus vents the pump with its few components automatically. The engineer must be just gas. The ZIEGLER UP 4 does the rest automatically.

Good Reasons for the Ziegler Ultra Power 4

  • 1,900 litres at 10 bar pressure
  • Side mounted, glove-friendly control panel
  • Proven ZIEGLER fire extinguishing pumps with patented TROKOMAT ventilation technology
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Compact dimensions – fits also in lower compartments
  • Global VW service and spare parts supply


  • DIN EN 14466 and ÖNORM EN 14466

Performance VW engine:

  • 3-cylinder 4-stroke aluminum engine with electronic fuel injection
  • Power 50 kW at 5,400 rpm
  • Displacement 999 cc
  • Cooling by means of closed cooling water circulation, heat exchangers and additional cooler
  • Electronic 2-level speed CAP for suction and maximum speed, acting on the fuel injection system, contactless battery ignition, maintenance-free camshafts through roller cam follower
  • Electric start with a one-man emergency start system with Pullstart (optional)
  • 17 l fuel tank for unleaded petrol (Ron 95) or unleaded petrol (Ron 91)
  • Knock sensor engine control
  • Fuel pump into the tank with fill level indicator, fuel tap is required


Pump performance with 3 m geodetic suction lift:

  • 1.900 l/min with 10 bar
  • 2.000 l/min with 8 bar

Pump performance with 1,5 m geodetic suction lift:

  • 2.250 l/min with 4 bar

Pump performance with 7,5 m geodetic suction lift:

  • 1.050 l/min with 8 bar

Pump performance (while scuding) 3 m geodetic suction lift:

  • 2.000 l/min


Easy to use & ergonomic Control Panel:

All operating and control elements are functionally integrated into the casing. All elements are ergonomically designed as well as glove-friendly and can be operated through the side mounted in the vehicle:

  • Excess and vacuum gauge
  • Start button
  • Electronic speed adjustment
  • Bright LED display on the control panel
  • Graphical display of tank with reserve warning lights
  • Tachometer
  • Indicator light suction speed limitation
  • Operating hours counter
  • Warning and indicator lights for cooling water,
  • Oil pressure & loading control

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 1.039 x 720 x 846 mm


ULTRA Power 4 supplied by ZIEGLER

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