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UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy

by Greg Preston

The UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy is an online learning management system that can keep you and your department up to date on the latest research in fire dynamics, firefighting tactics, firefighter health, and more.

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) advances fire research knowledge and develops cutting edge, practical fire service education aimed at helping firefighters stay safe while more effectively protecting people and property. Working in partnership with the fire service, research departments, and agencies, UL FSRI executes firefighter research and makes the results widely available to the global fire community.

With a team of pioneering experts and access to UL’s leading infrastructure, equipment, and vast knowledge and insights, UL FSRI conducts and disseminates research and training programs focused on the changing dynamics of residential, commercial, and industrial fires and the impact they have on strategies and tactics throughout the fire service.

Thanks to Deputy Chief John Jerome and the Howard County Department of Fire & Rescue Services for their assistance in making this video.

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