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UK Wildfire Conference

by Marcus
UK Wildfire Conference 2019

UK Wildfire Conference championed by The England and Wales Wildfire Forum, and organised by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, the Conference, entitled Manage the Fuel: Reduce the Risk, will be held at the prestigious Principality Stadium, Cardiff, on Wednesday November 20 and Thursday November 21, 2019.

It is already attracting much interest from wildfire professionals and researchers across the world and will encourage collaboration and sharing of skill and knowledge to make a positive impact on how wildfire incidences across the globe are tackled in the future.

Fifteen speakers will present at the two day event, covering twelve topics including expanding collaborations through the Pau Costa Foundation, the Interactive Wildland Urban Interface Wildfire Risk Assessment Tool, the impact of wildfire on contaminated moorland catchment water quality, EIP/RDP approaches to fire management in Irish Uplands, Firewise UK – Dorset, management of risk – The Defence Training Estate, PERIL- a toolkit for the design of wildfire trigger buffers in WUI evacuations, working together in South Wales- enhancing the environment and reducing risk, supporting fire Incident Commanders to manage the fuel, fuel reduction through vegetation management in the Cheviot Hills, soil erosion after fire and the evolution of fire traits in plants, plant invasives and wildfire challenges.

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The England and Wales Wildfire Forum indicates that the worldwide threat and impact of wildfires has increased significantly in recent years and climate change, socio- economic influences and diversification of land uses may have contributed to this. The Forum has stated it is therefore even more important for all agencies, public, private and voluntary, to engage in dialogue and share best practice to reduce the wildfire threat, through a considered and holistic land management strategy.

The Conference is set to be a unique opportunity to share a broad view of how effective and coordinated land management can have a positive impact on reducing the threat and consequences of wildfires.

For further details about any aspect of the England and Wales Wildfire Forum Conference 2019 please contact the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service team by email on EWWF2019@southwales-fire.gov.uk or visit our website www.southwales-fire.gov.uk.

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