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Turbo Hose Fire Nozzle

by Marcus
Turbo Hose Fire Nozzle

Turbo Hose Fire Nozzle supplied by Richards Hose

The Turbo Hose Nozzle from Richards Hose is a hand-held Multi-Function Nozzle.

The turbo hose fire nozzle is manufactured in accordance with the standard DIN EN15182. The flow rate can be selected by means of rotating an external sleeve on the body of the nozzle.

The water flow is opened and closed with the stirrup handle. This combination provides the user with the ability to select the flow rate with the type of water stream required.

The hose inlet connection has a swivel facility which allows the operator great movement when in service.


Light Alloy, Anodised, Polyamide.


Male Instantaneous as standard, other connection types available upon request.

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Turbo Hose Fire Nozzle supplied by Richards Hose

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