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TSI Series Breathing Air Compressors

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TSI Series

TSI Series Breathing Air Compressors supplied by IDE Compressors

The TSI Series breathing air compressor produces high output with low levels of noise. TÜV certified stationary silent (by quiet run 68 dbA) high pressure compressor unit for breathing air and Nitrox up to 40% Oxygene. Used preferential in residential areas, hotel and trade development areas. In TSI series equipped with computer aided compressor control “HMI TCC-CONTROL for the optimization of working reliability and air quality as well as for failure notice control. Optionally: AIRSAVE ULTIMATE airquality control system.

Technology inspires

By elaborated air circulation and efficient exhaust technology the stationary silent high pressure compressor unit achieves optimal cooling, without disturbing noises developed by the air flow. It is also suitable for countries with high ambient temperatures (- max. 45°C). To ensure working reliability, optimal air quality and comfort, to optimize and supervise the failure notice control the HMI TCC-CONTROL (computer aided compressor control) is in this type of compressor integrated.

Optimal air circulation – optimal silent run

The result is a sound pressure level value of only 68 dbA. Best suitability for noise protection regulations in working areas.


  • Cylinders of all stages made from special aluminum alloy with cast iron sleeves
  • Ideal performance secured by interstage coolers made of special stainless steel alloy
  • Low maintenance stainless steel lever filling valves with safety filling connectors and/or highly flexible inflating tubes with safety filling connectors made of stainless steel


  • Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter over the limit lying CO2 concentration in the intake air
  • Screw connections on all pressurised components designed and laid out for at least x 1.5-4 times safety
  • AIRSAVE PRO – electronic dryer cartridge saturation control system combined with a compressor control system, which controls all service and oil changing intervals


  • Service– and contract partners with spare part supply in almost 20 countries worldwide
  • Large training and instruction offer for your technical education
  • Project oriented and cost oriented consultation in close cooperation with the customer

TSI Series Accessories

Airsave Pro

Maximum working reliability and air quality are by the electronic AIRSAVE filter monitoring. Over a measuring sensor build in the dryer cartridge is recorded and send to the AIRSAVE Pro dryer cartridge saturation monitoring system. This sends status messages over certain switching signals to the operator and switches the compressor unit off when the saturation of the cartridge exceeds the obligatorily limit values.

Airsave Ultimate

Monitoring of air-quality at breathing-air compressor. Unrivalled around the globe: Electronic system to monitor air quality and dryer saturation in high-pressure breathing-air compressors. AIRSAVE ULTIMATE is your first opportunity to monitor all parameters of your compressor system, which are decisive for air quality and operational safety – CO, CO2, O2, temperature, humidity, filter saturation, working hours, intervals for maintenance, service and oil filter replacement – and to control the compressor accordingly.

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TSI Series Breathing Air Compressors supplied by IDE Compressors

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