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TSI Anniversary Airsave Ultimate System

by Greg Preston
TSI Anniversary Airsave Ultimate System

TSI Anniversary Airsave Ultimate System supplied by IDE Compressors

TSI Anniversary Airsave Ultimate System Air Compressors for Absolute Safety.

HMI TCC-Control

In order to optimize the operational safety, the comfort, the disturbance monitoring and the quality of the air, a new compressor control for stationary plants was developed. The control HMI control unit has a 7 “multi color touch screen. USB ports, a W-LAN connection for reading in software updates and read-outs as well as visualization are also implemented, as is another interface for a CAN bus for connecting a remote control module, MSR and other extensions. Via this interface, e.g. An external filling panel can be equipped with the same functions and possibilities.


Over a measuring sensor built in the dryer cartridge is recorded and sent to the AIRSAVE Pro E dryer cartridge saturation monitoring system. The condition of the cartridge is indicated by a simple traffic light system.


Over the additionally integrated CO, CO2, O2 water in mg/m³, temperature, onitoring system the AIRSAVE-ULTIMATE unit supervises the legal standard limit for the compressor unit and switches off by exceeding these limit values. This function supervises the working reliability of the compressor and guarantees an optimal protection in a CO-CO2 contaminated work surrounding field or irregular operating conditions of the compressor. The AIRSAVE ULTIMATE unit also supervises the service and oil change intervals. Optional also monitors the AIRSAVE unit the CO2, the temperature of the ambient air and the presence of flammable gases.


From now on we also can measure VOC and the residual oil content in the compressed air permanently. A quantum leap! Filling with AIRSAVE ULTIMATE together with “AIRSCRUBBER” guarantee the compliance with the main parameters
of the DIN EN 12021, DIN 8573 and intl. standards int. IDE defined with its integrated air monitoring AIRSAVE ULTIMATE OC the premium to the prior art.


By elaborated air circulation and efficient exhaust technology the stationary silent high pressure compressor unit achieves optimal cooling, without disturbing noises. It is also suitable for countries with high ambient temperatures (- max. 45°C). To ensure working reliability, optimal air quality and comfort, to optimize and supervise the failure notice control the HMI TCCCONTROL (computer aided compressor control) is integrated in this compressor type.

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TSI Anniversary Airsave Ultimate System supplied by IDE Compressors

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