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Triggerflow Automatic Nozzle

by Greg Preston
Triggerflow Automatic Nozzle

Triggerflow Automatic Nozzle supplied by LEADER

The Triggerflow Automatic Nozzle from Leader a firefighting nozzle designed for safety, reliability and robustness!

Automatic nozzle with trigger – TRIGGERFLOW Regular

Ideal for Pulsing, TRIGGERFLOW Regular nozzle brings a revolution to the firefighting area. Its design makes it safer, more intuitive and more ergonomic.

One hand holds the nozzle and controls the flow rate with the fingertips, and the other hand manages the jet pattern and will withstand the recoil force if necessary. A complete control of the nozzle without the need to move the hands!

Enhanced ergonomics

Natural position of hands, which facilitates the control of the nozzle and its movements.


Progressive opening and closing of the slide valve through a large trigger.

Double Jet Flash Over

Double Jet Flash Over at different angles to operate at a short or long distance.

Enhanced security

Automatic closing of the nozzle in case of a fall during its use, and protection of the hand and the trigger by a large sized removable bridge.


Type – Automatic

Weight – 2.45kg

Available models

TriggerFlow 400: 0 – 400 l/min @ 6 bar 2” BSP M
TriggerFlow 400: 0 – 400 l/min @ 6 bar 1.5” BSP F
TriggerFlow 500: 0 – 500 l/min @ 6 bar 1.5” BSP F

Dimensions W x D x H

1.5’’ = 33 x 10 x 22cm
2’’ = 33 x 10 x 22cm


6 bar

Available inlets

2” BSP M
1.5” BSP F


Hard anodised aluminium




stainless steel slide valve



Nominal pressure

16 bar

Special features

Flow rate control by trigger and double jet for attack


Triggerflow Automatic Nozzle supplied by LEADER

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