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by Marcus
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Head Office:  Environmental Protection Products, Škofjeloška cesta 6, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Trelleborg Slovenija manufactures a variety of industrial rubber products. One of the most rapidly developing programmes with a great potential is the programme which manufactures environmental protection products and products used in rescue interventions.

The company Trelleborg Slovenija is noted for other programmes, too such as manufacture of rubber profiles for the building industry,conveyor belts for various industrial applications and moulded products for automotive and other industries.

All named products are manufactured from the in-house developed compounds that we supply to external users too. The industrial rubber products and tyres that are manufactured in the company Trelleborg Slovenija have all been developed on the existing expertise of our employees.

The company Savatech d.o.o. was formed in 2002 and continues the tradition of manufacturing industrial rubber products and tyres whose beginnings date back to remote 1920. From 1st June 2016 Savatech Company is a part of Trelleborg Group.

In May 2018 Company Savatech, d.o.o. renamed Trelleborg Slovenija, d.o.o.

The company Trelleborg Slovenija is outstandingly export-driven. By modernising, developing and rationalising its operations it makes a decisive contribution to a successful establishing of the Slovene economy in the international business streams. The company makes the majority of its export through its foreign trade companies in Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republik, Poland and United States, as well as representative office in Russia.

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