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Transport Trolley Breathing-Air Cylinders

by Marcus
Transport Trolley Breathing-Air Cylinders

Transport Trolley Breathing-Air Cylinders supplied by IDE Compressors

The IDE transport trolley lets you transport breathing-air cylinders safely in the fire station or dive center. In combination with an IDE safety filling panel it facilitates safe filling without directly handling the cylinders. It is well known that most accidents with breathing-air/scuba cylinders happen during handling. We therefore want to reduce direct handling of the cylinders as much as possible: instead of bringing the cylinder to the filling panel bring the filling hose to the cylinder.

That saves carrying the cylinders to the filling panel.

The IDE transport trolley has a load surface made of a wooden composite board with beech decor surface and two removable, lattice-sided longitudinal walls with a mesh size of 50 x 50 mm. It is durably surface-protected, impact and scratch resistant. The cylinder retainers are made of high-strength 7 mm thick polypropylene (PP).

The trackless and smooth-running set of tires consists of two castors with central safety brakes (in compliance with safety standard DIN EN 1757-3 for “floor conveyors” with locking brake), two fixed castors made of thermoplastic rubber and maintenance-free, shock resistant and durable grooved precision ball bearings. The tires have thread guards and standard foot protection.

The wheels of this “made in Germany” transport trolley are suitable for different floor types and are resistant to various aggressive substances, such as oils, gases, acids, solvents and organic substances.


FTW 1 – Transport trolley for 15 breathing-air / scuba cylinders

  • Cylinder size (steel): 4 l, 6 l, 7 l, 10 l
  • Cylinder size (composite): 3 l, 4 l, 6 l, 8 l
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 1190x700x1015

FTW 2 – Transport trolley for 12 breathing-air / scuba cylinders

  • Cylinder size (steel): 12 l, 15 l
  • Cylinder size (composite): 9 l
  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 1390x800x1015

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Transport Trolley Breathing-Air Cylinders supplied by IDE Compressors

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