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by Marcus

Trafficlear is based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
Trafficlear have a couple of offices in the beautiful Victorian Lockwood House, situated in the manicured gardens of Lockwood Park, the home of Huddersfield Rugby Union.
Trafficlear try our best to provide you with exactly what you need; for a one-off vehicle or a production run of many. We are here to help.
We start by fully understanding what you are trying to achieve; then using our extensive knowledge, experience and a brilliant mix of products and contacts, we specify appropriate products and the correct installation method.
Everything we sell is of the very highest quality – we work on the principle that if our products are installed correctly, it’s a case of “fit and forget” – they just work without causing you any worries.
Dave started the company in 2010, working out of his garage, mainly selling lightbars and beacons; Sam joined him as an investor and mentor in 2011 to focus on the newly acquired Ideatec exclusive distributorship; then Sam asked Andy to help in 2012.
The company has changed dramatically over the last three years – it’s now much more technical, with the emphasis on helping customers specify the right products, then also offering advice with installation and commissioning.
It’s been tough but now the hard work and challenging decisions are paying dividends. We have some great products and some great customers.

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