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by Marcus

TOP TROCK has been leading in innovative drying systems since 1986. We offer professional solutions wherever a drying of wet or damp shoes, sports gear, various work and protective clothing is required.
Our patented drying systems, that we enjoy an excellent international reputation for, all derive from our in-house R & D department.
In our in-house production, located in Graz, we use only high-quality material (such as stainless steel) which is processed by our highly skilled staff.
The majority of our products are TÜV proofed, were awarded the Austrian Seal of Quality (Austria Qualitätsgütesiegel) and are naturally CE certified.
Production is subject to constant neutral examination. The high quality of our TOP TROCK® drying systems allow us to concede a worldwide warranty of 10 years on all stainless steel systems.
* Warm-air blower GF900 230 Volt ~1300 Watt
* Warranty on the warm-air blower GF900 2 years or 5000 operational hours
* The TOP TROCK warm-air blower complies with the device safety regulations
* CE proofed
* optionally with external timer
* made from stainless steel 304
* consisting of a carrier bar to which different drying hangers for clothing can be fixed via quick couplings.
* thus the system is exendable without big efforts
* robust and almost indestructible
* drying time: 3-4 hours (depending on degree of humidity and inside material)
* the drying systems can be delivered for wall-mounting, free-standing (screwed to the floor) or mounted onto a mobile rack (with rubber rollers)
* space saving

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