Tohatsu Corporation

by Marcus
Tohatsu Corporation

Tohatsu Corporation manufactures portable fire fighting pumps that are best known as light weight and compact, yet powerful enough to be used for actual fire-fighting scenes. Here are some of the features of our products; 1) light weight and can be carried by only two persons, making it truly portable; 2) can also be stowed on fire trucks; 3) can operate as water relay with a number of our “Portable Fire Fight Pumps; 4) can operate with water from a pond, the ocean, a water tank or a fire hydrant in town.

We also have been working closely with Professional Fire Services and Volunteer fire departments worldwide and our “Portable Fire Fighting Pumps” meet their strict requirements and are recognized as high quality and best performing.

In 1949, Tohatsu Corporation started producing the industry’s first “Portable Fire Fighting Pumps” in Japan and have been doing so ever since. With over 85 years of history and technical knowledge, we are now the leading manufacturer of “Portable Fire Fighting Pumps” and have a large market share in Japan where the most advanced, innovative and competitive technologies are required.

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