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by Marcus

ThermoGel Asia is leading the way in development of new, innovative and cost effective products to combat the devastating loss of life and property caused annually by fire. Innovative products are accompanied by consistent adaptation to customer requirements and an active company philosophy. The commitment to the industry proves not only great products, but a service standard that is unmatched by other companies. We provide training programs for professional firefighters; and during fire incidents, we also provide on-site training. This assures that firefighters will have complete knowledge in the application of our products to maximize their effectiveness.
Thermo-Gel® can be effectively applied by both rotor and fixed wing aircraft. The product has been designed to not only quickly suppress fires but also provide a gelled water barrier to retard fire. Because the product can be mixed at different percentages, it allows the firefighters to provide the correct application percentage for all types of fuels and terrain. The product is visible at 2500+ feet to the pilot, as either a red or blue colorant is added for enhanced visibility. Colorant is not approved by the US Forest Service but it can be added upon request; however, other federal and state agencies have approved the use of our colorants as they are fugitive and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Mixing of Thermo-Gel® is performed by professional contractors that have been thoroughly trained in the use of our products.
ThermoGel Asia truly represents “The Solution For Fire Professionals®”

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