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The Next Generation of Rescue Cutters

by Marcus
The next generation of rescue cutters

The next generation of rescue cutters – RESQTEC Zumro announced the introduction of their new generation G4w and G6w cutter.

The next generation of rescue cutters are equipped with the new W-blade design; a smart design that enables the blades to pull the post of cars and trucks towards the central bolt where it is compressed and cut in a controlled and effective motion. The cutters are Martensite capable and cuts materials like HSLA and Boron without compromise.


G4w Rescue Cutter from RESQTECThe next generation of rescue cutters

With the G4w and the G6w, RESQTEC’s engineers have combined extreme cutting capacity and strong blade material in a compact and light-weight tool. Apart from the new W-blade design which offers a bigger reach, Ultimate Pressure™ further increases the performance. This technique delivers outstanding cutting capacity; both cutters deliver superior forces in the 1st stage cut, with a minimum of reaction forces traveling through the blades resulting in a controlled and smooth cut. Simultaneously, Ultimate Pressure™ requires less power so that the materials suffer less from wear and tear ensuring stable performance overtime.


G6w Rescue Cutter from RESQTECThe next generation of rescue cutters

Like all other RESQTEC hydraulic tools, the G4w and G6w are outfitted with the unique EWOtechnology™. The Ergonomic Weight Optimization guarantees less operational weight and maximizes control and ease of use in order to reduce discomfort and improve appropriate handling.

With the G4w and the G6w RESQTEC offers a complete cutter line-up. The G6w is positioned as the heavy duty cutter to encounter toughest modern and complex car constructions. The G4w is designed for rescue operations where ease of use and performance are key. For more information on the next generation of rescue cutters, their product line up or on RESQTEC please visit RESQTEC.com

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