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The New Q1 Cutter – Small Tool, Big Possibilities

by Marcus
The New Q1 Cutter

RESQTEC launches The New Q1 Cutter combi-tool

The New Q1 Cutter is designed for cutting brake pedals, steering wheels, reinforcement bars and more. It is the only tool of this size equipped with a 180 swiveling head. With its 180 swiveling cutter blades, the Q1 enables access to confined spaces that are normally hard to reach, giving it an unparalleled experience of freedom in confined spaces.

With its separated control handle, the Q1 also allows a secondary operator to take over the control handle if needed and, more importantly, easy access to confined spaces.

The Q1 features a full safety (DIN) valve that results in spreader functionalities, fully capable of holding loads. This makes it a cutter with an incredible 40.6 kN spreading force. The Q1 is the perfect combination: cutting and spreading in one small and flexible package. A must have for any rescue team.

For more information visit www.resqtec.com

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