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The MFT 10000 D Trailer FireFighting Pump

by IvyFPS
The MFT 10000 D Trailer FireFighting Pump by Firefly

Introducing MFT 10000 D, a trailer fire-fighting pump from the house of Firefly Pumps.

Experience the state-of-the-art heavy-duty MFT 10000 D Trailer pump, suitable for a wide array of operations to manage massive fires aiming to provide solutions in the most crucial times.


  • Turbo performance – throws 10000 LPM at 10 BAR
  • MOC – Aluminium/ Bronze /Stainless Steel
  • Acoustics closure for silent operation
  • Advanced central control system

This over-the-edge pump is gaining strength in today’s challenging world of emergencies and crisis management for sectors such as Forestry and Wildfire Control, Chemical and Hazardous Material Storage, Construction Sites, Airports, Maritime and Ports, Oil and Gas Industry, Municipal Fire Departments, Utilities and Power Plants, Agriculture, Military Applications.

For more information, visit https://fireflypumps.com/

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