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The International Fire Operations Conference & Exhibition (IFOC)

by Marcus
IFOC 2024
  • Dates: 03/11/2024 > 07/11/2024
  • Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Event Website: https://ifoc.sa/en

IFOC 2024

The 4th International Fire Operations Conference (IFOC) will take place in Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on November 2024. It emerges as a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing the forefront of fire safety, emergency response, and crisis management. Building upon the resounding success of the previous three conferences, the need for a continuous dialogue on evolving challenges and cutting-edge solutions in these critical domains is more apparent than ever. The IFOC has established itself as a premier global platform where professionals, experts, and leaders convene to share insights, strategies, and best practices that shape the landscape of fire safety worldwide.

IFOC 2024

The successes of the preceding conferences, held in Bahrain and Riyadh, have laid a solid foundation for the 4th IFOC to reach new heights. We aim to elevate the discourse on fire safety by delving deeper into essential topics such as fire prevention, safety protocols, efficient emergency response strategies, and crisis management techniques. The 4th IFOC will be distinguished by a comprehensive exploration of emerging trends and technologies, offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to stay at the forefront of the industry. By fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange, we anticipate that this conference will not only match the success of its predecessors but will set a new standard for excellence in addressing the dynamic challenges of fire operations on a global scale. Together, we are working towards a safer and more resilient future.

IFOC 2024


IFOC 2024 is a vital event for professionals in fire safety, emergency response, and crisis management. It acts as a knowledge hub, uniting thought leaders, practitioners, and innovators worldwide. Participants can access innovative insights, strategies, and best practices for tackling current challenges in fire operations. The conference offers diverse sessions, workshops, and forums covering topics from advanced firefighting techniques to the latest emergency response technologies. Attendees can also network and form cross-border partnerships, fostering a global community committed to improving fire safety practices. IFOC 2024 ensures professionals are prepared for future challenges in fire safety and emergency response. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance skills and contribute to global safety.

IFOC 2024


Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the International Fire Operations Conference (IFOC) are aligned in their goals of economic diversification and sustainable development. The IFOC provides a platform for Saudi Arabia to showcase its advancements in fire operations and crisis management, fostering international partnerships. Participating in the conference enhances the skills and knowledge of professionals, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s vision of a skilled workforce and leadership in the global fire operations community. IFOC supports the realization of Vision 2030, positioning Saudi Arabia as a hub for knowledge and innovation in fire safety and emergency response.

For more information, visit https://ifoc.sa/en.

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