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The Firefighters Podcast

by Marcus
The Firefighters Podcast

Introducing the Firefighters Podcast a new podcast hosted by operational UK firefighter Pete Wakefield representing the heroes within our emergency services family.

There’s an aura of mystery and admiration for those brave men and women who run into burning buildings as everyone else runs out.

People waive and sometimes stare at a passing fire truck, wondering what it must be like and who are those brave individuals on the front line every day.

Firefighters play an important part in protecting public safety, and some demonstrate great bravery and self-sacrifice to protect local communities from danger.

This podcast pulls back the curtain and showcases inspiring guests past and present who live and work as part of the emergency services world.

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033 Matt Coulthard & The Rock of Gibraltar Marathon Swim

The Firefighters Podcast - 32

Gibraltar based Firefighter Matt Coulthard in somewhat of a legend in the small and unique world of competitive firefighter fitness games and today he joined us on the podcast to talk all things Fitness, fire service, family, home, habits and hero’s.

Matt shares with us his training and lifestyle and how he has built a powerful mindset which keeps him pushing to live his best life for his family, his career and for all those who aspire to do the same.

It was an absolutely pleasure to have Matt on the Podcast.

Follow the link to listen.

032 Dean Keeber & Aaron Childs – Keeping Firefighter Fit Physically & Mentally

The Firefighters Podcast - 33

Dean & Aaron are operational firefighters, family men, and fitness enthusiasts based in Northamptonshire UK.

In the episode they share their experiences competing to be the fittest firefighters in the UK and how they trained, lived and the habits they built doing this.

They also share their experiences joining the fire service and how others can get into the job they love before talking about their proudest moments as firefighters and share some powerful words about their mental health as a firefighter and how there is support out there for everyone.

Follow the link to listen.

For more information and to listen to all episodes of the Firefighters Podcasts click https://thefirefighterspodcast.buzzsprout.com/

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