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The Benchmark for Compact Cutters

by Marcus
The benchmark for compact cutters

S 312 and S 312 E2 – The benchmark for compact cutters

Whether in multiple-vehicle collisions, industrial accidents or emergencies, our new S 312 and S 312 E2 cutters rise confidently to even the biggest challenges. These two top innovations are not only more compact than the previous models, they also guarantee maximum superiority in practical settings thanks to the top cutting class I.

Optimised cutting class

No doubt about it: the S 312 and its battery-powered counterpart S 312 E2 are the new benchmark in the compact class. All performance metrics are taken to a completely new level compared to the predecessor models: the theoretical cutting force is now a breathtaking 680 kN, and we’ve increased the cutting performance for round materials to an impressive 35 mm! So it’s no wonder that both made the top cutting class I, and the S 312 is the first cutter certified according to the new DIN standard EN 13204: 2016!

Maximum power at the right point

Yet another strong point in the S 312 and S 312 E2: the blade geometry is optimised in such a way that the greatest force always takes effect precisely where it is needed. In combination with extremely stable blades and an extra-large blade opening width of 160 mm, both cutters are designed to slice simply and effortlessly through solid metal sections, heavy vehicle parts and profile steel.

Perfect handling

Besides power and precision, speed and handling are also crucial in tough situations. The S 312 and the S 312 E2 have exactly what it takes: the blades open and close in an instant, and both cutters rest perfectly in the hand for less tiring. The S 312 E2 has a further advantage: as an eDRAULIC cutter, it is powered by an optimised, high-performance rescue battery – which means no heavy hoses or power units needed!

Saving lives is now lighter, faster and easier, thanks to the S 312 and S 312 E2 cutters.

For more information on The Benchmark for Compact Cutters visit https://rescue.lukas.com

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