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The Beast S 799 E2

by Marcus
The Beast S 799 E2

The Beast S 799 E2 Supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

THE BEAST S 799 E2 is the new top model in the LUKAS cutter range.

The previous top cutter – the S 788 – already offered truly excellent cutting performance, but ‘THE BEAST BY LUKAS’ delivers even more. When it comes to TÜV-certified cutting performance under the EN 13204 or NFPA standards, the new S 799 achieves the maximum ratings: ‘All 9’ according to NFPA and ‘All K’ according to EN 13204. It doesn’t get any better than that! And the cutting force achieved by the new S 799 also tops all other LUKAS cutters: calculated at 1,346 kN, that is virtually 140 tonnes of force!

But the impressive numers alone reveal only a fraction of the unbeatable performance of this cutter in real-world use. After all, the best theoretical cutting force is useless if the cutter blades are not optimised to support it. The newly designed S 799 blades not only look like they’re specially tailored for their intended purpose – they guarantee an excellent cutting result in practice, too. The blades automatically centre around the part to be cut in such a way that the maximum possible cutting force is always available. With an blade opening of 204 mm, ‘THE BEAST BY LUKAS’ also achieves the highest category for blade geometry according to EN 13204: class CC 200.

With ‘THE BEAST BY LUKAS’ – S 799 and S 799 E 2, you are ready to face any challenge that new vehicle materials throw at you.


  • Cuts through the material in one move, no matter where you position the tool
  • Stronger than any other hydraulic cutter: NFPA – All 9, EN – All K
  • 204 mm opening width puts this cutter in the highest category according to EN 13204 (Class CC 200)
  • Cutting force: 1.376 kN, which is virtually 140 tonnes
  • Ideally suited to all standard and new vehicle materials

Product features

The star grip allows intuitive operation in stress situations, the specialised blade geometry enables the maximum force to be applied exactly where it is needed, and the mono coupling makes connection and deployment of rescue tools easier, faster and safer.

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 The Beast S 799 E2 supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

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