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The Bariatric Rescue Kit

by Marcus
The Bariatric Rescue Kit

The Bariatric Rescue Kit is a recent addition from Speedings Ltd, developed alongside Gary Wilson. It is apparent that this equipment has become a necessity due the increasing demand for the Fire Service to assist the Ambulance Service in transporting Bariatric patients.

The Bariatric Rescue Kit is intended to be used for casualties of all sizes from the large to the very heavy and large (Bariatric) patient, requiring rescue from unusual positions or areas of restricted space, where there is no alternative to manual handling.

The kit is a professional and methodical solution in dealing with this type of incident and puts in place a Safe System of Work to reduce the risk of physical injury to personnel. The Bariatric Rescue Kit is designed to allow as many personnel as the situation dictates, to share the weight of the casualty or where possible only enough weight to allow the casualty to be slid to safety.

The Bariatric Rescue Kit comprises of two rescue slings, one small rescue sheet, one large rescue sheet and a heavy duty storage bag. The kit is manufactured from top quality canvas in its natural uncoloured state, heavy duty PVC and 40mm webbing straps, with a safe working load in excess of 1000 kg. All the materials used in its construction have a safe fire rating which allow for the kit to be used in fire rescue situations.

Visit www.speedingsltd.co.uk for more information.

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