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TEXPORT Add New Coverall to Product Range

by Greg Preston
TEXPORT Add New Coverall to Product Range

TEXPORT Add New Coverall to Product Range:

The new coverall for firefighting purposes from TEXPORT is available in darkblue with red reflective trims and in orange with triple trim.

Material Composition

Outershell blue coverall: Nomex® Tough
Outershell orange coverall: Nomex® Comfort

Moisture/Thermal Membrane: GORE-TEX® Airlock® Spacer

Liner: Nomex®/Viscose FR

Reflective Material blue coverall: 3M Scotchlite™
Reflective Material orange coverall: TEXPORT® Triple Fabric®


  • Absolutely watertight and air permeable with GORE-TEX® membrane
  • Extreme weight reduction and increased air permeability, as well as rapid back drying with GORE-TEX® Airlock® Spacer technology
  • Patented HPX-System® enables simple and cost-effective replacement of a defective zip.
  • Fire-retardant, non-absorbent, ergonomically formed knee pads (ERGOPAD®)
  • Additional air cushion through insulation system in the shoulder area (AIRBLOCKER®)
  • Waterproof front area with double cover trim
  • No drawing in of moisture via the hem seams
  • Repair aperture in inner area
  • Movement creases in elbow area
  • Knitted wristlet (long) with thumb hole
  • Adjusting strap for sleeve width adjustment
  • Movement creases in knee area
  • Abrasion and dirt protection using coated Kevlar at both sleeve and trousers hem
  • Abrasion protection with Kevlar® in ankle area
  • Waist elastic
  • Zip (2-way system)
  • Radio pocket on right breast: Applied and height-adjustable
  • Microphone holder on left breast
  • Side pockets applied with velcro strip
  • pocket on the upper arm
  • Dry cleaning resistant

For more information visit www.texport.at

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