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by Marcus

Temax S.A. is a completely privately owned company which was founded in 1965 as a leading industry of Fire Fighting Vehicles and special purpose truck bodies.
Today, Temax is the major fire truck manufacturer of Greece. Its many years of experience, its quality craftsmanship, its close cooperation over the years with the largest truck chassis manufacturers, as well as global manufacturers of fire fighting equipment have established Temax internationally in the field of fire truck manufacturing.
TEMAX is also involved in the manufacture and trade of special purpose vehicles and relevant equipment such as:
– snow clearing equipment for vehicles
– ambulances
– armored vehicles
– airport ground support vehicles
– other specialty vehicles
TEMAX S.A. has manufactured over the years among others municipal, forest, refinery, industrial, airport fire fighting trucks, riot control vehicles and specialty vehicles for the following clients:
– The Armed Forces
– The Fire Brigade
– The Civil Aviation Authority
– Municipalities
– Oil refineries
– many private companies
TEMAX SA has established and applies a quality system for the design, manufacture, trade, service, modification and maintenance of Fire Fighting, Rescue and Special Purpose Vehicles as well as relevant equipment in full compliance to ISO 9001:2008, certified by TV NORD since 19/01/2004.

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