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by Marcus

As you face the perils of life—fires, natural disasters, terrorism—a strong and creative offense is always the best defense. That is why Technon was founded. Our mission and our unique set of skills and assets enable us to arm you, your loved ones and your co-workers with the protective shield that makes the difference between life and death.
Think of it as the science of survival.
Based in Miami, Florida, Technon is in the business of creating and marketing products that detect and protect from deadly airborne threats before they occur. The Technon team has over 100 years of combined experience in security, preparedness and anti-terrorism.
Manufactured and designed in Israel and the US, the products are focused on protecting human life. They are practical, pragmatic and affordable.
In an emergency, simplicity and speed save lives. Technon applies advanced science to create the simplest and most practical products that address the urgent, human need to be protected from fire, biological and explosive danger.
The current state of the world has everyone on the defensive. Whether natural disaster such as wildfires, unfortunate accident, or planned attack, you can never be completely prepared. But with life-saving products that buy you the minutes that make the difference between life and death, you can be better prepared. Technon’s line of defensive and protective products, like the Breath of Life™ mask and the Walls of Life™ expandable cabinet shelter, empower you to do just that – gain invaluable minutes to escape from danger to safety.

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