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by Marcus

Technical Absorbents (TAL) provides its innovation and expertise to the performance apparel market with its Komfortas range of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAFTM) technology and SAFTM-based converted roll goods portfolio. Its SAFTM technology creates new possibilities for the development of absorbent fabrics that offer moisture/sweat management properties in final garment design. Such fabrics create optimum conditions to significantly reduce heat stress and fatigue, increase wearer comfort and maximise physical performance – even in the most extreme environments. Solutions that can be worn both next to skin and over outer clothing are available.
Technical Absorbents – K-Sorb – woven fabric technology that keeps you dry to the core
K-Sorb is a woven, washable, durable material contains the company’s patented Super Absorbent Fibre (SAFTM) and provides unparalleled levels of absorption and retention of moisture/sweat, which in turn affords the wearer a cool, dry feeling. The fabric is designed to provide effective results when wearers are working in extreme or challenging environments, or wearing heavy outer clothing. It can be converted into a wide range of washable garments which are worn next to the skin in such situations. The composite structure of the K-SorbTM material allows sweat to rapidly be absorbed from the body, providing a dry, comfortable feeling for the user. The moisture/sweat is locked away within the highly absorbent core, reducing wet back and the wet, clammy feeling. In addition, a water proof outer layer reduces the risk of wet back onto outer garments, keeping the rest of the user’s clothes dry and fresh. The fabric is designed to absorb up to 10 times its own weight of sweat during use, the equivalent of 4.5l of sweat for a standard size jacket (1.5 square meters of fabric). In addition, the fabric is fully washable, allowing repeated use. Systems based on this core fabric are the perfect solution for the armed forces and emergency services and can also be employed in sports and other general apparel items in situations where normal evaporation is limited or prevented.
Technical Absorbents – K-Evap – Cooling through evaporation
This functionality can be achieved by incorporating a SAFTM containing absorbent nonwoven within two outer fabrics, thus creating a three-layer absorption cooling fabric. This can then be tailored as required into a final garment which should be worn over outer clothing. In order to activate, the wearer simply pre-soaks the garment with water and wears as normal. As a result of evaporation, the cooling effect occurs. Items made using this technology can be reused through multiple wetting and drying cycles.

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