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SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts: Tool Mounting Improved

by Marcus
SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts Tool Mounting Improved

Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) introduces the SURE-GRIP Tool Mount, Model SG-VM-1, a revolutionary new way to secure 3/4” to 1-3/4” diameter tools and equipment inside the compartment.

SURE-GRIP utilizes a wider, heavy-duty, all-weather hook & loop strap to provide more surface area and a more precise, more “true” grip on every tool, regardless of handle shape. The base is crafted with high-tensile strength, impact-resistant nylon plastic for years of rugged, dependable service.

SURE-GRIP Tool Mount
SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts: Tool Mounting Improved

To secure, simply slide the strap behind the post and pull it tight. Tension is applied as the strap is pulled away from the mount, granting more leverage and allowing the user to apply more of their strength for a better hold. A fixed support arm provides additional assistance and stability through the entire process.

To release, just loose the strap and pull the tool free. It’s that easy.

“We saw a need for a more versatile, non-corrosive tool mount,” said Keith Creely, Ziamatic Sales Manager. “Something that would solve some of the problems departments were having with their brackets. We wanted to offer the most cost-effective option without any compromises on quality. We think people are really going to like the SURE-GRIP.”

SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts Ziamatic
SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts: Tool Mounting Improved

Available now. For more information please call 1-800-711-FIRE or visit www.ziamatic.com

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