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SURE-GRIP Hook Tool Mounting Brackets

by IvyFPS


Firefighters can use Ziamatic’s newly released SURE-GRIP Hook Tool Mounting Brackets to safely store Ziamatic’s Z hook tools and many other NY hook style tools. They were designed using stainless steel to complement all truck body styles and looks while maintaining a strong attractive finish.

The mounting kit utilizes Ziamatic’s SURE-GRIP bracket (model SG-VM-1) which provides one of the strongest ways to retain tools with a quick and simple release and retrieval process. The rubber pads on both the strap and on the body of the SURE-GRIP bracket are proven to virtually eliminate vertical movement when a vehicle is in transit.

The mounting kit fits all length hook poles by adjusting the distance between the top bracket and the SURE-GRIP bracket. A left and right option is available to ensure almost all mounting application needs can be satisfied. To release a tool, simply release the hook and loop strap and lift the tool up and out of the bracket.


  • SG-VM-ZHL (SURE-GRIP Hook Tool Mounting Bracket, Left)
  • SG-VM-ZHR (SURE-GRIP Hook Tool Mounting Bracket, Right)

For more information, please call 1-800-711-FIRE or visit www.ziamatic.com.

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