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Supon Bialystok

by Greg Preston

60 years of experience puts Supon Bialystok at the top of high-quality firefighting equipment manufacturers. We offer our customers with nozzles, suction strainers, dividers, standpipes and many more. We produce Storz, DSP and GOST aluminum fittings, and fixed foam systems.
Quality control with professional tools is provided at every stage of production. Formal confirmation are the Scientific Research Center for Fire Protection certificates. Some of the products also have foreign certificates.
Another part of our activity are aluminum parts for individual customer orders – gears, brackets, pellet heating systems and other products covering the automotive, agricultural, industrial and packaging sectors.
We export products, among others to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus as well as to consumers in Africa and Asia.
Our position is strengthened by the individual approach to the client, comprehensive execution, implication of innovative technological solutions and continuous improvement of employees qualification.

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