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SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle

by Marcus
SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle

SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle supplied by Dynamic Micro Systems


SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle is the first of its kind, designed to be slid under burning objects, to help cool them down and extinguish stubborn fires.

In the age of electric vehicles, the firefighting landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. As the roads become populated with EVs, the challenges they present during emergencies have become evident. While the ideal scenario is to “Let it Burn”, this is often not an option. When you “Can’t Let It Burn”, traditional firefighting techniques, while effective for conventional vehicles, often fall short when confronted with the unique hazards of EV fires.

Enter Toxic Suppression — where innovation meets expertise. We’ve not only recognized the challenges but also engineered a solution that’s ahead of its time. Our comprehensive EV Response solution isn’t just about cutting-edge equipment; it’s about integrating these tools with a proven protocol, ensuring that firefighters are equipped, educated, and empowered.

Whether it’s the rapid deployment of our Toxic Tarp Fire Security Blanket or the precision of our SUDZ-IT EV Nozzles, we’re redefining fire suppression for the modern age. Dive in to discover how we’re pioneering the future of EV fire response.

The Triad of EV Fire Suppression Nozzles

Equip. Adapt. Conquer. With Toxic Suppression’s EV Nozzle Range.


SUDZ-IT EV Nozzle with Utility Kit:
Precision, versatility, and adaptability. Our original design, now enhanced, offers adjustable water flow and a utility kit for diverse firefighting scenarios. NEW! Door Hanger Kit with Nozzle

SUDZ-IT Trident 250:
Tailored for midsize electric vehicles. Delivering up to a powerful 250 GPM, it’s the perfect balance of force and precision.

SUDZ-IT Big Water 500:
For the giants of the road. Engineered for heavy-duty EVs like buses and trucks, it unleashes up to a formidable 500 GPM, ensuring maximum coverage and cooling.

SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle

Toxic Suppression

SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle supplied by Dynamic Micro Systems

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