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STREAMLIGHT ® Launches BEARTRAP ® 360 Work Light

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STREAMLIGHT ® Launches BEARTRAP ® 360 Work Light


Streamlight ® Inc. launched the new BearTrap ® 360, a multi-function, rechargeable work light that features both a 360° horizontally rotating and a 270° vertically pivoting body, enabling users to put light wherever it’s needed. Delivering up to 2,000 lumens, the new work light clamps to virtually any surface or stands on its own for hands-free task illumination.

STREAMLIGHT ® Launches BEARTRAP ® 360 Work Light

With its unique spring-loaded clamp design and integrated magnets, the BearTrap 360 can be attached to any flat, round or irregular surface to shine a bright spot or flood light on work areas both small and large. A wire handle with a rubber sleeve provides an easy grip when opening the light’s clamping mechanism.

“The new functionality of the BearTrap 360 now gives first responders, automotive and industrial technicians, outdoor enthusiasts, and other users the ability to easily spin the body of the light horizontally in addition to moving it vertically, for any angle view,” said Michael F. Dineen, Streamight’s Chief Revenue Officer.

“This is a very useful feature when performing tasks that require angling a spot light as work progresses on a car engine, or continuously moving a flood light when investigating a fire or accident scene.”

The BearTrap 360 provides six output modes, including three spot and three flood settings. The flood mode covers work areas or other surfaces with soft, bright light, ranging from 2,000 lumens on high with a 2.5- hour run time to 575 lumens on low, with an 8.75-hour run time. The light’s spot mode provides a white concentrated beam to pinpoint specific work areas, ranging from 1,000 lumens on high for 4.5 hours to 325 lumens on low for 12.5 hours.

STREAMLIGHT ® Launches BEARTRAP ® 360 Work Light

The BearTrap 360 uses an easy access, push-button on/off switch with a battery life indicator that turns red when the battery has reached the end of its usable life. The new light uses a 7.26-volt, 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in 5.5 hours. The BearTrap 360 will also run continuously if plugged into an AC power supply.

Manufactured from tough thermoplastic construction, it also features a gasket-sealed lens that is impervious to most common automotive or industrial chemicals. It has an IPX4-rated design for water-resistant operation and is impact resistance tested to 1 metre.

STREAMLIGHT ® Launches BEARTRAP ® 360 Work Light

Weighing 1048.93 grams, the light measures 19.35 centimetres in length, 16.51 centimetres in width, and is 7.92 centimetres thick.

For more information, visit www.streamlight.com.

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