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SPS 360 MK2 E-FORCE supplied by Weber Rescue Systems

Cutting, spreading, pressing and pulling – and all with one device! The combi tools from WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS are distinguished by their versatility.

Any time it is necessary to save space and weight in emergency vehicles, these lightweight devices are the right choice, for example in combination with our compact power units.

They have blades that can be re-sharpened and can also be combined with chain sets and mechanical rescue rams. In addition, the tips on some of the devices can be detached giving increased cutting capability.

All controls are striking and distinctive in red. The 360° rotating and folding plastic grip insulates the equipment operator up to 1,000 Volts. Hose-connected combination devices can be converted to E-FORCE3 battery-powered devices via a uniform connection point.


  • cutting, spreading, pushing and pulling with one tool
  • with new, more efficient drive for higher speed
  • re-sharpenable blades with a notch for cutting round bars
  • can be combined with chain set and mechanical rescue ram attachment
  • 360° rotating and folding handle
  • with connection point for conversion to hose tool
  • battery not included

Technical data

  • Spreading width 360 mm
  • Spreading force (in the working area) 36 kN
  • Max. squeezing force 70 kN
  • Pulling width (with adapter) 440 mm
  • Max. pulling force 53 kN
  • EN class CK36/360I-18,1
  • EN cutting class (EN 13204) 1I-2K-3J-4K-5J
  • NFPA class A7-B8-C7-D9-E8-F5
  • Weight (ready for use) 18,1 kg
  • Part no. 1096647

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SPS 360 MK2 E-FORCE supplied by Weber Rescue Systems

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