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Solo Rescue Decontamination Machine

by Greg Preston
Solo Rescue Decontamination Machine

Solo Rescue Decontamination Machine supplied by MSA Bristol

Bristol Uniforms is the UK distributor for the Solo Rescue Decontamination Machine. It can be installed in the fire station and cleans SCBA in a self-contained, sealed compartment which minimises manual contact with contaminated material. SCBA can be cleaned immediately on return to the fire station, with the machine successfully removing residues of combustion gases, soot particles and toxins in just a few minutes. It fits in a compact space of less than 1m2.

The durable stainless-steel machines have a swift cleaning cycle, meaning that up to 14 sets of SCBA can be decontaminated in just one hour, considerably improving the speed and efficiency of the cleaning process.

Solo Rescue decontamination machines can also be used to clean helmets. They are simple to operate, require minimal servicing, and conform to the cleaning requirements of top SCBA brands.

It is now widely recognised that regular cleaning of PPE is important and helps reduce firefighters’ long-term exposure to harmful contamination.

However, it’s not always possible to use off-site cleaning services for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Most firefighters share SCBA and often this vital equipment needs to be kept onsite in case of a major incident. This is where the Solo Rescue® decontamination machine comes in.

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Solo Rescue Decontamination Machine supplied by MSA Bristol

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