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SOLBERG Foam Trailer

by Marcus
SOLBERG Foam Trailer

Foam Trailer supplied by SOLBERG

The SOLBERG Foam Trailer is a complete mobile package meeting all applicable NFPA standards consisting of a trailer constructed with frame, wheels, and axles capable of carrying the total charged weight of the trailer assembly and the foam concentrate.

The SOLBERG Foam Trailer frame includes a tongue jack, electrical connections, NFPA 1901 lighting package (optional), reflective striping, rear mud flaps, and rearstabilizer jacks. The foam system can utilize either of two foam storage vessel designs: polyethylene tote(s), either single, dual, multiple or a rigidly  constructed metal foam tank.

The foam monitor is capable of delivering up to 1000  gpm (3785 lpm) of foam solution at a pressure of 100 psi (7.0 bar). The monitor connections are up  to 3.0″ (76 mm). The self-educting  monitor nozzle is capable of delivering  up to 1000 gpm (3785 lpm) at 100 psi  (7.0 bar).


  • Trailer design offers extreme mobility
  • Single, dual or multiple polypropylene tote design available
  • Metal concentrate tank or custom design trailers also available
  • Totes containers are manufactured of high density polyethylene and are incased in a rigid galvanized steel grid
  • Available in 265 gallon (1003 litre) and 320 gallon (1211 litres) capacities
  • Standard size metal tanks available in sizes of 500, 750, and 1000 gallons (1893, 2839, 3785 litres). Note: Custom designed sizes available to meet customer needs
  • Trailer constructed of all  welded steel
  • High flow capacity
  • Self-educting nozzle
  • Accessory options available including NFPA 1901 compliance
  • Meet DOT highway requirements

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Foam Trailer supplied by SOLBERG

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