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by Marcus

Smokeshield Australia are the sole importers of the only smoke machines developed solely for the use of Fire Training. Our Training Smoke machines manufactured in the UK under the direct specifications of the Danish Air Force are able to produce the most realistic, safe and economical smoke filled environment for serious Fire Safety Training. Unlike other existing smoke machines that are simply effects machines our Trainers with our unique patented trainer fluid are able to produce smoke hang times in excess of 40 minutes, making them ideal for both Fire Safety Training and Building Smoke Test.
SmokeShield Australia Fire Trainers are now the sole choice of the Royal Australian Navy, Fire Brigades across Australia, Air Services, Aviation Australia, Mining Industry and numerous major Fire Safety Training institutions. Unparallel in their ability to provide a 100% safe and realistic smoke filled environment .Combined with the support and approval from both Australian and International Fire Safety Training Organisations, you can be assured that the Smokeshield range of Fire Trainers will provide both your organisation and your students the correct fire safety training when its needed.
Smokeshield Australia is a reputed fire equipment company and certified manufacturers, supplier and distributors of fire and safety equipment.These are built strictly in accordance with OH&S legislation that stipulates mandatory specifications for safety in machinery, substances, systems of work and instructional environments. All our live fire training kits have special food grade glycol and water based fluids which facilitates smoke tests that are safe, easy to handle, and do not have any adverse health effects if inhaled.
Smokeshield Australia Smoke Machines when you are SERIOUS about Fire Safety Training.

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