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Smoke Maze Trainer

by Marcus
Smoke Maze Trainer

Smoke Maze Trainer Supplied by Crofton Engineering

The Smoke Maze Trainer from Crofton Engineering not only teaches first responders the skills necessary to move throughout a zero visibility environment, but also demonstrates this in a safe and controlled environment.

The trainer’s design accommodates all levels of training, from confidence building,to Rapid Intervention Teams. The Smoke Maze Trainer is easily configurable for increased evolutions in a controlled environment.

Fireblast incorporates a maze system and also includes wire entanglement and truss props to simulate fire personnel moving throughout an attic.

The Fireblast Maze Trainer provides the most thorough training available.

Available Features of the Maze Trainer:

Reconfigurable maze
3 tiers
Wire entanglement
Fallen truss
Confined space
Smoke distribution
32′ , 40′ & 53′ models

The Maze Trainer can be used for the following training scenarios;

Collapsed Attic
Collapsed Floor
Diminished Clearance
Entry Door
External Entry
Reconfigurable Cages
SCBA Training
Smoke Maze Trainer
Wire Entanglement

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Smoke Maze Trainer supplied by Crofton Engineering

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