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by Marcus

SME is an industrial supplier for hose couplings, flange joints and assorted types of industrial-grade pipe fittings and valves. The Company features the unique geographic advantage in one of the largest and the most congregated centers for non-ferrous metal productions in Wenzhou Zhejiang Province of China. SME is therefore able to make the full use of every penny invested in producing world-class qualities (of quick-disconnect hose couplings of majority). We are proud to be one among those who are dedicated to improving the fluid connections in all industrial pipeline systems.
SME is short for “Sheng jiang” Mechanism and Equipment company, taking “jiang” from Ou-jiang river across Wenzhou city. It was the family business established and followed from massive production of mechanical equipments in complying with universal standards home and abroad.
SME came to its name and was founded by Mr. Lee Sunlong since mid 2004.
China production can be associated with “mass produced”, “cheap” and “poor safety standards” more than anything else. Learning to divert the concept of being cheap to better management on cost and risk controlling, we are making a different way of living. Our team incorporates skilled members who excel at OEM on solid products or computer model and master craftsman who know by heart the metal forming and producing processes. SME is devoted to approaching the market with low-cost, feature-rich products.
In terms of shipping for domestic business, we intend to provide 24-hour delivery. The running flow of 60~80% of our complete product program (esp. quick-disconnect couplings and flanges) are being formed on 6 floors of racks, 1.000+ pallets on and over in inventory in a spacing of over 2.000 square meter large.

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