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SmartFOAM supplied by Godiva

SmartFOAM is a direct injection foam proportioning system that provides accuracy and reliability, as well as simplicity of operation. SmartFOAM’s six configurable pre-sets eliminate the need to remember the proper foam injection rate for a specific fire ground scenario. Simply press the pre-set button with the text indicating your desired scenario. Each pre-set is fully configurable at workshop level so it can be customised for your standard operating procedures.

SmartFOAM takes the guesswork out of setup and allows you to focus on fighting fire –

  • Intuitive interface
  • Advanced safety interlocks
  • Best in class colour display

SmartFOAM safeguards itself so that it is ready when you are –

  • Prevents mixing of A and B foam types
  • On screen maintenance minders
  • Full system data logging

SmartFOAM is the most flexible foam system in the fire service –

  • Six customisable pre-sets
  • Selectable user interface
  • Full range of foam pump options – from 6.44 l/min to 49.21 l/min
  • Capable of controlling two foam pumps

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SmartFOAM supplied by Godiva

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