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by Greg Preston

Sioen Apparel produces technical apparel for many different markets where people work in circumstances where safety, comfort and protection are major issues. Examples are: firefighters clothing, chainsaw protection, floatation suits, bullet proof vests, protection against electrical flash overs.
Clothing solution provider
Sioen has built up a strong reputation in the various parts of the protective apparel (firefighting, rescue services, police, forestry, marine, …), develops professional clothing (all weather, high visibility, multinorm and food & cold storage) and leisure clothing.
Always and everywhere
More than 2 800 people are working around the clock to secure your safety. 8 plants all over the world and central headquarters in Belgium, make us an excellent partner to customers worldwide.
Because our products are so technical, we have extensive testing equipment in our laboratories. R&D is directed from the research and development center at our main office. Our production plants are state-of-the-art and the people who work there have many years of experience.
Part of the Sioen Industries Group
Sioen Apparel is one of the three divisions of Sioen Industries (founded in 1960). Apart from Sioen Apparel, there are two other divisions: Sioen Coating, world leader in coated technical textiles and Sioen Chemicals, specialised in fine chemicals.
Always the garments you need
Our dedicated team is always at your service to find the garments that fit your particular needs. No matter for which working condition or which industry or service you are in.

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