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Single Premix Holder

by Marcus
Single Premix Holder

Single Premix Holder supplied by Ziamatic

Ziamatic’s Single Premix Holder accommodates your choice of one cylindrical 32 oz. can or one rectangular 32 oz. quart container, secured and organized where you need it most.

It reduces the risk of an item rolling, falling, leaking, denting, & puncturing during transport.

It has been designed with super strong .75 inch-thick HDPE material. It is non-corrosive, perfect for stainless bodies. It is chemical resistant. Its mounting holes are one inch center to center. Overall dimensions: 5”W. x 5”D. x 5 ¾”H. Weight: 1.3 lbs.

More information can be found in our manual: www.ziamatic.com/

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Single Premix Holder supplied by Ziamatic

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