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Sides SOVEREIGN Firefighting Vehicle

by Greg Preston
Sides SOVEREIGN Firefighting Vehicle

The Sides SOVEREIGN Firefighting Vehicle is primarily designed for large-scale operations such as tank fires. It is fitted with the best-performing firefighting equipment currently available. With its large capacity, it is able to carry sufficient foam compound to avoid the need for re-supply. In most cases, it is connected directly to the site’s pressurised water supply, but is also able to work off a groundwater supply. Totally customizable, it can integrate specific equipment: hose reels – CAFS.

Industrial hazards come in all shapes and forms, from fires to explosions, all of which require a fast and effective response. The Sides SOVEREIGN Firefighting Vehicle is designed to provide you with the capability you need to respond quickly and safely to a disaster and with a very operational Equipment.


In the industrial environment, response speeds and times vary from one disaster to another. We have therefore designed the SOVEREIGN with user comfort in mind :

  • cab capable of holding up to 6 people
  • self-contained breathing apparatus that can be stored in the seat backrest or vehicle lockers
  • rear dashboard close to the firefighting equipment
  • large layout capacity, ensuring that all firefighting equipment and accessories are kept within reach at all times


We have designed a simple, intuitive vehicle to deliver maximum comfort during operations :

  • option to control the firefighting equipment remotely
  • easily accessible firefighting equipment
  • user-friendly automatic protection systems


The SOVEREIGN is fitted with its own foam compound tank and is also compatible with all external water and foam compound supplies, even in the most challenging operational environments, including groundwater, on-site pressurised supplies and water or foam compound master tankers.

The SOVEREIGN delivers extended firefighting capability, from a few hours to several days if necessary :

  • high capacity
  • high application rate
  • bronze pump suitable for pumping sewage and brackish water
  • monitor range of over 100 m
  • option to use the pump or network pressure
  • proven foam generation systems, designed for very high flow rates
  • Multiflow or multitronic: Mechanical or electronic balanced pressure proportioning system with choice of ratio at each outlet
  • Deltaflow + Deltatronic: Mechanical or electronic centralized balanced pressure proportioning system
  • Adaflow – Adatronic: mechanical or electronic dosing system « Around the pump »


Based on proven fire protection systems: pumping, dosing, tank, the SOVEREIGN is intended to accommodate special equipment based on your needs.

  • hose storage,
  • CAFS,
  • Self-protection,

Our project team is studying your particular needs.

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