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Sides Rural Tank Fire Truck

by Greg Preston
Sides Rural Tank Fire Truck

Sides was the first company to develop the Sides Rural Tank Fire Truck, in conjunction with its customers. It is now a standardised and widely used vehicle.


  • Three-point linkage between bodywork and chassis at 35° approach angle for genuine all-terrain capability.
  • No vulnerable elements on the lower part of the bodywork, with integrated stepladders included.


  • Lockers with stainless steel panel doors or light alloy shutters.
  • Single or twin pneumatic lift, depending on the operating environment.

Easy to use

  • Wide lateral stepladders that are easy to deploy.
  • Offset hose reel lifting for added safety.

A range of maintenance contracts, including contracts with:

  • user technology centres
  • approved local partners
  • Sides Service engineers

The main firefighting components can be maintained using standard exchange system parts

Maintenance kit available for firefighting components

Maintenance contract that includes regulatory work

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