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Sides High-Power Urban Fire Truck

by Greg Preston
Sides High-Power Urban Fire Truck

Building on its safety experience in the oil and airport sectors, Sides has developed a range of firefighting vehicles including the Sides High-Power Urban Fire Truck designed with specific risks in mind, such as industrial and logistics sites and major transport routes.


  • Pump flow rate of 10,000 l/min at 10 bar, capable of producing both firefighting foam solution and cooling water.
  • Monitors can be used while the vehicle is in motion.


  • Multiple combinations of tanks (water/additives) and proportioning systems.
  • Main monitor 3,000/6,000 l/min and remote-controlled roof monitor 1,000 l/min


  • Chassis compliant with ADR regulations (optional).
  • Thermal protection of the cab, equipment and chassis.


A range of maintenance contracts, including contracts with:

  • user technology centres
  • approved local partners
  • Sides Service engineers

The main firefighting components can be maintained using standard exchange system parts

Maintenance kit available for firefighting components

Maintenance contract that includes regulatory work

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