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Sides Emergency Vehicle

by Greg Preston
Sides Emergency Vehicle

The Sides Emergency Vehicle features a wide range of emergency response and lifting and handling equipment. This light and agile model is designed to provide effective emergency response and firefighting capabilities.


  • Several chassis, wheel base, cab type, engine and gearbox options available.
  • Multiple combinations of vehicle extrication layouts and equipment, provided by Sides or by the user.

Easy to use

  • Storage spaces that can be accessed from the ground, covering the full length of the bodywork.
  • Heavy equipment stored on racks and sliding trays for direct access.


  • Integrated electrics, certified by an accredited organisation.
  • Powerful working area lighting and high-performance lit markings.


  • 15 to 20 kVA generator
  • On-board crane


A range of maintenance contracts, including contracts with:

  • user technology centres
  • approved local partners
  • Sides Service engineers


The main firefighting components can be maintained using standard exchange system parts


Maintenance kit available for firefighting components


Maintenance contract that includes regulatory work

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