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Sides CCI Fire Tank Truck

by Greg Preston
Sides CCI Fire Tank Truck

The Sides CCI Fire Tank Truck is fitted with a pump unit or a driven pump. As well as its basic rescue capability, it is also able to respond to day-to-day firefighting needs, based on its crew capacity, its on-board equipment, its water storage capacity and its hydraulic capabilities.


  • Multiple combinations of pumps, hose reels and additive proportioning systems.
  • An optional chassis for optimal capacity and local support
  • Significant hydraulic potential, especially suited to monitor use.

Easy to use

  • Large storage lockers that can be accessed from the ground, providing easy access to standard equipment


  • Reinforced tank sides with optimised profile for improved weight balance and centre of gravity when the tank is half-full.
  • Civil defence vehicle based on Sides’ experience in designing forest fire tank trucks to European standards


A range of maintenance contracts, including contracts with:

  • user technology centres
  • approved local partners
  • Sides Service engineers


The main firefighting components can be maintained using standard exchange system parts


Maintenance kit available for firefighting components


Maintenance contract that includes regulatory work

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