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by Greg Preston

Shanghai Vatten Chemicals was founded in Shanghai in 2007. At the beginning, the founders decided the aim of the company would be to develop environment-friendly materials for human health, safety and convenience of new life,instead of the old material which is harmful to human life and environment.
The ultimate goal of the company is to provide sustainable development of competitive products, solutions and services. The only value of our existence is the satisfaction and guidance needed by the development of the market. The driving force for enterprise is humanistic care and open cooperation.
Fluoride material has the irreplaceable role in improving the quality of the products and human life convenient.Commonly known as “industrial monosodium glutamat”, but at the same time, due to the limited understanding of science and technology development,it is hard to avoid that some material will bring some impact to people’s healthy life.In order to eliminate these substitute products negative influence, our company choose to change.
We found that basic theory studies of fluoride material in Chinese academic circle has been very wide.But in theory, in order to theory for the theory at the same time, there are also existed some biased and point control theoretical guidance, and also a small amount of misleading conclusions without experimental test, which brings some innovative enterprises a lot of repetitive work and confusion.
Fluorine surfactant characteristics is to reduce the surface tension of the system, fluoropolymer characteristics is waterproof oil pollution prevention.According to the different functional characteristics of a grafted group and monomer, unique properties such as the flow flat, wetting, penetration, dispersion and waterproof, prevent oil, soil resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance on various substrate derived from the whole product system.If compound with other products, there is the effect that other products can not replace.
But, in the actual performance under the guidance of theory of expanding applications, in addition to the need to consider the characteristics of fluoride, matching the specific system, more to balance effect and cost, provide different solutions for different customers.Thus we can truly supply customers the real service.
Fortunately ee found the coworkers who really want to change it. We maintained a good communication and cooperation with world-class enterprises such as Dupont (Chemours), 3M, Daikin and etc. We are committed to the industry’s progress and disruption in our industry with leaders who are interested in changing the industry. We use the fact to prove that initiative, responsibility, and creative people are the most valuable resources for enterprise development.

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