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by Marcus

SEOHAN F&C are a company from Korea who manufacture rescue equipment including descending life line, safety air cushion and escape chutes.
Descending Life Line
This device can lead the escaper to the ground safely when there is a fire or an emergency. It descends automatically at the same speed. It can be sold only after the Korean Fire Inspection Corporation’s approval.
The rope is made of wire-rope that is used in planes for endurance.
It descends slowly without acceleration.
One time, One person only.
Safety Air Cushion
This device can protect escapers who jump from high levels when there is a fire or an emergency. There are two kinds of cushions. one is a tube-shaped cushion inflated by air injection and the other a double safety cushion by Fan.
Safety Air Cushion (Fan type)
It makes two air layers by using a fan. The upper layer protects the falling objects by wind. The lower layer supports in a state of compressed air.
Mobile Rescue Cushion
Recently, diversed rescue environment has had lots of problems (Land scape facilities, parked cars, narrow rescue area) with rescuing people from a fall which causes serious damage to the society and threatens the life of rescuees Thus, this product is designed to be suited perfectly for the harsh rescue environment
Escape Chute
This device can lead escapers to the ground safely when the indoor stairs are blocked with flame and smoke. This long, bag-shaped chute is made of sponge material and is simple to use. The escaper goes into the tunnel and slides down. It is widely used in kindergartens, day-care centers, schools, hospitals and other buildings.
Declined type
The chute is built, tilting less than 45degrees like a slide. It can be used for many escapers in a quick time. Especially for the elderly, the wounded and the weak, the chute can be used safely.

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