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Semmco Improves Confined Space Rescue

by Greg Preston
Semmco improves confined space rescue with the launch of the new HEAD30 escape set

Semmco improves confined space rescue with the launch of the new HEAD30 escape set.

British engineering company Semmco launches the latest HEAD30 solution, part of its life protection systems range.

In the UK, a number of workers are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces across a wide range of hazardous industries each year. Danger can arise when there is a lack of oxygen or if workers are suddenly faced with poisonous gas, fumes or vapours. Breathing apparatus is essential if the air is compromised.

Semmco offers a range of breathing protection solutions for individuals who work in confined spaces and hazardous environments, where the breathable atmosphere may not be safe. The revolutionary design of the HEAD products provide a safe and constant supply of oxygen for up to 10, 15, and now, 30-minutes. The range includes the HEAD10 escape set, HEAD15 escape set, six minute inspector set, and the 15 minute working/rescue set. The latest addition to the range, the HEAD30 escape set, is an all-encompassing apparatus that continues to be lightweight but provides 30-minutes of oxygen supply.

HEAD30 Escape Set

The HEAD30 weighs only 1.5kg and because it is head worn with no compressed air tank to carry on your back, the wearer can move about easily, unhindered by bulky equipment. The HEAD30 is fast and easy to don and remove and the hood provides excellent panoramic vision and contains an integral audio-visual alarm that improves user safety.

The escape set proudly boasts a 12-year no maintenance shelf life and only requires a 6 and 9 year validation check, as it is sealed in nitrogen preserving its integrity and increasing cost effectiveness. An integral oro-nasal mask provides an excellent face seal and with instant oxygen supply on start-up, the HEAD30 starts to work as soon as it is put on therefore increasing the worker’s chance of survival and a safe escape.

The launch of the HEAD30 escape set marks a milestone for Semmco and 25-years in business innovation. Semmco provides its life protection systems to an extensive customer base such as Centrica Energy, BP, HM Prisons, Welsh Water, and Ineos. For more information about Semmco Life Protection Systems, call the UK office on +44 (0) 1483 757200 or visit semmco.com

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