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by Marcus
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SEIZ Technical Gloves stand at your side even when it’s getting tough with high-performance gloves for firefighters and rescue teams.

These lines from our company song Your hands in good hands emphasize the reliability and high quality of SEIZ-conducts as well as our identity and our responsibility.

The slogan TIME TO PERFORM underscores this thought.

We give our best and set technological standards in order to give our customers the ability to provide high performance. Uncompromising protection is self-evident for us –but not enough.

SEIZ Technical Gloves should give the individuals wearing them the ability to perform their tasks even better. Comfort, ergonomic and functional design in conjunction with high technology qualify gloves from SEIZ as premium products.
Gloves in the SEIZ Fire-Fighter series are manufactured from high-performance textiles and as a result are extremely strong. They are characterized by an extremely long service life.

Men and women firefighters who rely on the protection of a Fire-Fighter glove value precisely this reliability and especially high quality. They themselves are just as reliable, hard-working, conscientious and unconditionally loyal. True firefighters take their profession seriously, face challenges and do not hesitate to take them on. Firefighters are people of action.

The German Fire Protection Association (Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes e. V. (vfdb)) awarded the quality seal “Safety made in Germany” (SMG) to SEIZ. At the gala celebration on the 30th anniversary of the worlds largest exhibition for occupational safety and health (A+A), Rainer Seiz, Managing Director, accepted the important prize. The quality seal is awarded to companies that meet the high standards for safety in Germany.

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